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Our staff has many years of experience working with factories in mainland China. We have extensive understanding of Chinese business culture, a very important factor for succeeding in importing goods from China!

We are here to source suitable factories for your exact needs and ship the goods to your destination to arrive in mint condition. We will make sure you get the goods the way you want, in time, and to a compatible price with your budget.

Our office is located in mainland China and we can taylor our services to meet your exact business needs. If the service that you need is not in our service list please feel free to ask us, we can do most business tasks that you could possibly require here in China.

Our services:

Product sourcing:

We have extensive knowledge and overview of all the major factories in China. We will find the factories that make the product you require according to your quality references. We have been working with many factories for a long time and have established great relationships that you, as our client can benefit from. Our database regarding factories is growing every day and we are making new relationships with factories on daily basis. If our database does not have the factories that you need we will source it for you. We also do factory inspections on request if needed before ordering process making sure that the factory meets the standards that you require.


Ordering can be a time consuming process. We are here to make the process as simple and easy for you as possible. You only need to talk to us when ordering, even if you order products from seperate factories. We can communicate with you in English or Norwegian according to your preferences. All you need is to give us a clear description of what kind of product you want, the quality you need and the quantity. We will make sure that the factories understand your preferences and manufacture the product exactly as you ordered. Your orders will be stored in our database for future reference making reordering as simple and convenient for you as possible. We also make sure that the factories deliver on time!

Quality control:

Our staff does quality control as required. This can be before, during or after the production process. We will make sure that all products are finsihed to the quality specifications you set at ordering, before shipping the products out from mainland China.


We can provide warehousing if needed.


If you need to pack/repack some goods or want to design your own packaging we are here to help you. We have good experience regarding packaging and we will make sure that your products are safe during the transportation process. If you need to make a custom design for your packaging we have a state of the art design studio ready to assist you.

Shipping & international freight forwarding:

Our company has good relationships with several major shipping companies giving us excellent shipping prices worldwide for your benefit. We will make sure that the products are shipped safely from the factories to the port of destination of your references. We can provide you with good prices on sea freight (FCL & LCL), air freight and land transportation.


We will provide you with insurance meeting all necessary trading standards if needed.


Documentation is important and we will make sure that your products have all the necessary documentation that is required for customs and the shipping company's both in mainland China and in your port of destination. Our company aims to make this process as easy and simple for you as possible.


Our staff can also help with product development and design. We have our own design department with professional international designers that know and understand the design criteria for the European and American markets. Our designers have won many design prices in England and deliver high quality design to meet your needs.

Trade Fairs:

In China there are many trade fairs and we can enter any fairs for you. Our company will find the trade fairs that are related to your product category. We will send all the information that we gather at the trade fair to you. This is a great way to get to know the possibilities of the manufacturing business in China.

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